Our Services

We’ve worked with some of the world most recognized pharmaceutical brands.

CitiGlobe pharmacy has received so many awards for been the most caring pharmacy in the last five years. This is as a result of the services it renders to the public. CitiGlobe pharmacy is the only pharmacy that served/act as a diabetic and Hypertensive consultant clinic.


The pharmacy renders rapid diagnostic test such as Hepatitis B, H-pylori, malaria, Typhoid, blood pressure, blood sugar, and treatment for sexual transmitted diseases. We also do foot examination for diabetes patients and give advice on life style modification, diet and management of diabetes.


We do wholesale on rapid diagnostic test kits and other  drugs for diabetes and hepatitis B patients such as Hepatitis B test kits, Typhoid test kits, Gonorrhea test kits, Malaria test kits, H-pylori test kits, Tenofovir 300mg, Liv-on, Dior G2 & Dior G1 and Diayback.


CitiGlobe pharmacy imports wide range of chemotherapy drugs with most affordable price in the country. 


The pharmacy through its management provides other services outside the pharmacy that benefit the general public especially those of community engagement, sensitization and donation of useful and needed medical materials to the needy.


The pharmacy is known for its quality drugs which make them stand out among other pharmacy as the best in the country. We have all type of English, German and other quality drugs that can only found at CitiGlobe. 


CitiGlobe pharmacy provides the most affordable hepatitis B vaccine in the country and this has given many people and institutions the opportunity to take the vaccine and prevent themselves against hepatitis B virus. 

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